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Men don't smile. Particularly latino men, but all of them really. I was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial watching people take pictures either in front of the memorial or the reflecting pool. Most of the women smiled. The men stood there looking either tough or completely expressionless. After a while a few got silly, but only when surrounded by girls. Big surprise.

Bus drivers suck. Universally this is true. Even more so is the person who labeled the bus stop for 5A. 5A is the bus that goes from L'Enfant Plaza in DC to Dulles Airport, near where I'm staying. Apparently they're doing construction on part of L'Enfant's Metro station. Whatever. Last night I was picked up at this stop at the corner of 7th & D. Tonight I waited at the same covered bus stop that had a sign that said "5A Dulles" on it. It was a temporary sign, but a sign all the same. Bus pulls up...driver says "oh, I'm sorry, this is drop off only, the pick up is two blocks that way and it's already left." Fuck. So...ummm...they picked me up here at this stop yesterday. "It doesn't matter, blah blah blah." So I called a cab to try and catch the bus. No go. Got back on the Metro and took it to the end of the line, as far out from DC as I could get. A $45 fare later and I'm back at the hotel.

Lincoln was the man. He was well spoken, did amazing things for the country, well respected and all that. When he spoke, he thought about his words (and didn't have a speech writer).

Portable tripods rule. There was only one other person besides me in front of the monuments with a tripod. Ours were probably the only pictures that will turn out and even after sunset I didn't need a flash. My camera is awesome.

1:00am is too late, even if your computer says it's only 10:00pm. I should have been back to the hotel before midnight and asleep by now. Blah.

My training class for work is 4 people. I'm the only female. One is retired Marines (and still consulting with them) the other is DoD. The last is a new Vovici employee. The instructor is retired military too (can't remember which branch though). I'm most likely the only democrat in the room. Wow. Change.

People in general are nice. I had good conversations with a number of people (a guy from San Luis Obispo on the way from Dulles to DC this afternoon, a girl on the Metro who gave me good dinner suggestions, the guy I shared a cab with and a few others).

Escalators are not my friend. At least three were not working today. At least the 5 story one was working. They were only 2-3 stories. Between that, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and walking enough from the memorial to the Metro (6 large city blocks through George Washington University), I'm whiped again, but not as bad as yesterday.

It's time for bed. Lesson in itself. Night night!
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Shhh! Don't tell the boss people! We got out at 2pm instead of 4pm. I'm going to catch the 4:30 bus into DC (instead of the 5:30 or 6:30), see a few things I missed yesterday (I've got the bus info to get right to the Lincoln Memorial, which is good because my feet are still a bit sore). Have dinner somewhere, wait until things are dark then cruise around and take pictures of the beautifully illuminated monuments and buildings.

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Today was my day to be a tourist. I got to Dulles to take the 8:30 bus into the city. It arrived at approximately 9:20 right where I wanted to be, just around the corner from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Of course, the museum didn't open until 10am, so I had a few. I walked down the road a bit to the Capitol Building. I didn't actually go up the stairs, just to the front. I met a nice girl from the Ukraine who had spent three months in Virginia Beach then a week in New York. DC was her last stop and like me, she only had a day to enjoy it.

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I find it extremely hard not to sing along to Dig by Incubus. This came on the iPod while sitting at the bus stop. Self control. Mmmm...


Sep. 8th, 2007 03:22 pm
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I've arrived safely in Dulles, Virginia. My flight actually landed on time, which was somewhat surprising considering what I've heard of air travel over this summer. The flight was nice, I was in Economy Plus so I had a bit more space than the cattle at the back. Luckily, the middle seat was empty in my row so the arm rests went up! The lady at the window was a very nice woman who travels extensively for work. We chatted a bit on and off, but mostly I watched Night at the Museum on my iPod then switched to Firefly DVD's on the laptop. I have to say, I'm glad I had those distractions. I didn't really feel like reading (I'd rather read lying down or in a more relaxing position than any you can be in on an airplane). If I hadn't brought my own, I would have been stuck watching "Surf's Up". While I'm sure it's a cute little animated penguin flick, sorry, not in the mood. Firefly much better.

We arrived at the terminal and upon leaving the plane we were greeted with 95 degrees and lots of humidity. At 5pm. Wonderful. Weather to umm...be glad I live in SoCal for. I followed the signs towards my intended destination and came across a neat old plane that is the American Airlines flagship. I took a few pictures on my camera phone (my other was packed and NOT coming out without removing everything). I hope they turn out. If not, maybe I'll take a few more on my way out.

Since United is at a satellite terminal, I had to take this shuttle thing. They look like two story subway cars with fins on top for aerodynamics (or something). I'll take some pictures on my way out. They're very odd. Hopped the shuttle for the hotel (just missed him the first time, but I called and he turned around) and now I'm here. Checked in, unpacked, hooked up to the wireless network and thinking about what I'm going to do tonight.

It's 6:30pm. If I went into the city tonight I'd only have two hours before I'd have to be back on the bus. I think I'll wait for tomorrow. The training ends at 4pm the rest of the week, so I think I could get there Monday or Tuesday night as well. We'll see. I think it's too late tonight to do anything. TV and delivery it is! Maybe I'll go for a walk. There's some woodsy areas around the hotel that look pretty.


May. 15th, 2007 06:06 pm
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I JUST got home from work.  Now, at 10 after 6pm.  I got there at 7am.  Yesterday was a 9 hour day, today almost 10.5.  I know, not much compared to a few people lately, but a lot for me!  It's rare I have to do more than 8 hours.  Now I've 25 minutes in which to relax and get ready for archery.

In other news, I bought a DragonWing sunshade from someone on Caid List.  I'm going to pick it up after Quidditch on Sunday.  Saturday is Disneyland.  I'm trying to find crash space so I don't have to drive the 90 miles round trip on Sunday.

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