Jun. 13th, 2008 08:31 am
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I sent these out to most lists...but there's a few not on them, so...

Altavia Anniversary & Investiture

May Potrero

Caid Open Archery

Coronation & Queen's Champion in Wintermist
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Here's pictures from the event. I'll actually write about it later. It was fun, lots happened, it rained, but that didn't stop us.
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I think I got pictures of most of the performers. [ profile] dieppe had my camera during opening court.

There's a's hi-larious. It's Ban-dal's complete performance (both songs).
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If you happen to get the magazine Tournaments Illuminated, look at page 12 of the new issue (with knit stuff on the cover). Look whose name is misspelled in the picture captions (but it's spelled correctly on the front cover with the bio!).

Sweet. Published. Awesome.
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Someone posted on the Caid LJ community that [ profile] vsct_caius passed away today. He will be missed. We will miss your dancing, your stories, your time you spent with us in Lyondemere. Rest well, may Valhalla bring you all the pretty ladies.
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Gakked from [ profile] usqueba.

What Is Your SCA Clothing Style?

You Are A Genuine Celt! Be you from Wales, Brittany, England, Scotland or Ireland, you know your Celtic history like the back of your hand. You are aware that kilts are not period and that "Braveheart" severely mangled the true story of William Wallace. You probably own every book written by Mercedes Lackey, but we're willing to overlook that part. You're probably a self-styled Bard or Druid, but that's okay too, because you're very in touch with nature. Or at least you think you are.
Take this quiz!

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Link to Gallery

GWW Recap

Oct. 9th, 2007 07:33 pm
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Got back from GWW yesterday afternoon. It was a great weekend with lots of fond memories.


Beautiful site with a large lake out in the middle of nowhere with almost no sign of modern life
The point on the jetty walking back from the range where you can look out on the lake and see only a Viking encampment (see pic below)
A long archery range that allowed us to do a couple night shoots which were awesome!
Watching "flaming" arrows made with glowsticks fly through the air
Finishing the Grandmasters Tourney at 2:55pm on Saturday
Seeing a new threat on the archery circuit emerge
Announcing the winners of the shoots at court on Saturday and finally presenting the bow long promised to [ profile] jillaw from the Academy of Archers
A great camp filled with old friends and new
Lots of grass, clear skies with infinite stars and a view of the milky way
Auggie's vigil
The yummy meals planned by our camp parents (OMG salomn cakes and chicken dumplings!)
Skippy's banana apology
Bunny of Seville duet
Crouching Deja Hidden Tigger
Lyondemere shadow puppets, complete with soundtrack
The Lyondemere "L" in the veggies on Sunday
Bonding with LaLa, shopping with Morghan, and spending time with a others I haven't spent a lot of before
Pornographic fire
Deja's apprenticing ceremony
The atmosphere, laughter and joy of 32 people sharing a meal cramped in the baronial pavilion Saturday night
The "Lyondeblob" of the barony and two households on each side
Satanic lunches, chicken in a biskit, and bacon frosting (they go together, [ profile] jpathomas!)

Not so Good
Having to hold the cord or knob in the shower truck to get the water to run
The merchant layout was a bit funny with some pointed outwards and no good view of merchants from the Great Western Road (the grass one)
Not a lot of signs around to mark the road ways
Since the archery range was so far from everything it took forever to get things (waterbearing delivered two 5 gallon jugs marked Gatorade and water, both were water, we never did get the Gatorade)

The site:

I'm glad GWW is back. I missed it a lot last year. Although there were less people there this year, it was a wonderful war and I hope it continues to grow.
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I put up the survey for Collegium Caidis. If you know what that is, you can take the survey here.

I also put up my pictures from my DC Trip. I like #'s 95, 102, 121, 127, 144, 216, 234, and 229. Yeah, there are a lot. Sunday had great dramatic clouds which made for easy picture taking. Still working on the Horus story that goes with some of them.
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It's 6:40am and I'm up, and awake. That's 6:40am EASTERN mind you. The clock on the laptop still says 3:41am. Wow.

I heard last night via text message probably right after the final round that [ profile] kris_edric won Caid Crown Tourney for [ profile] jillaw. Huzzah! It will be another fun six...well eight really...months. I wish I could have been there to see it.

I heard this morning that [ profile] master_jamal is the new King's Champion. Huzzah again! Getting closer each time...

Time to finish getting ready so I can be at the airport in an hour to catch the bus into DC and start my whirlwind day as a tourist before training starts!
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A few people asked for recipes from the Roman Feast I served last Saturday at Lyondemere Anniversary (this was a 2 person feast that was a prize in the basket raffle, the extras were brought around for sampling).

Cucumeres (Braised Cucumbers)
When scraped and cooked in olive oil, vinegar, and honey, cucumbers are without doubt more delicious. [Pliny, Natural History, c. AD 23-79]

1 large cucumber
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp clear honey
Sea Salt (optional)

Peel and cut the cucumber into thick slices.  Pour white wine vinegar, olive oil and honey into a heavy pan and cook the slices of cucumber gently in the sauce until they are tender, shaking the pan occasionally to redistribute the cucumber slices and ensure even cooking.  Serve hot as a side dish.

Note: I served these cold and they were still wonderful.  I also adjusted the amount of honey to taste.  I kept checking to make sure that they weren't too vinegary and added a bit of honey if they were.

Staititai (Honey and Sesame Pizza)
A type of cake made with spelt dough and honey.  Epikharmos mentions it in his Marriage of Hebe. The moist dough is spread on a frying pan, and on it are poured honey, sesame seeds and cheese, according to Iatrokles. [Athenaeus, The Partying Professor, c. AD 170-230]

Note: I'm modifying this to how I made it, not how it is presented in the book I used.

1 package Trader Joe's pre-made pizza dough, plain
Olive Oil for frying
7oz feta cheese
2 tbsp clear honey
2 tbsp sesame seeds

Spread the dough into a 10" round on a flour covered board.  To be closer to the original recipe, you can use spelt flour for this, which is a vegan/whole grain alternative.  Take the 10" round and slide it into a large frying pan containing enough olive oil to cover at least half the depth of the dough (a little more than just covering the bottom of the pan will work).  Fry gently, turning over from time to time until golden brown on both sides.  Remove from pan onto pizza stone or large baking sheet.  Cover with feta (spread/mashed).  Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Flash under a hot grill (or if you don't have one, 10 minutes at 450 should do it).

I also served this cold and while it was good, I made it again for myself and ate it hot and it was amazing!  It's very easy and only take about 20 minutes start to finish.

Both of these recipes, and all the others, were taken from Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for the Modern Kitchen by Mark Grant (1999).
divinite: (stole your soul) from the archery and thrown weapons ranges at Gyldenholt Anniversary. I didn't really see any of the rest of the event... Click the images to see more.
GyldAnn 034
GyldAnn 043
GyldAnn 012
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I haven't done any of the color corrections on these yet, but I wanted to post pictures just so I had something there. I'll get around to editing the pictures and uploading everything all nice next week.

If you'd like one edited and emailed to you, just let me know.

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Some pictures...mostly around our camp, thrown weapons, Sunday night bardic


May. 15th, 2007 06:06 pm
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I JUST got home from work.  Now, at 10 after 6pm.  I got there at 7am.  Yesterday was a 9 hour day, today almost 10.5.  I know, not much compared to a few people lately, but a lot for me!  It's rare I have to do more than 8 hours.  Now I've 25 minutes in which to relax and get ready for archery.

In other news, I bought a DragonWing sunshade from someone on Caid List.  I'm going to pick it up after Quidditch on Sunday.  Saturday is Disneyland.  I'm trying to find crash space so I don't have to drive the 90 miles round trip on Sunday.
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Are you? My schedule is in...a day early...and many wonderful classes! On the schedule...

Saturday 9-11amBeginning & Intermediate ArcheryPractical Range Marshalling
Saturday 11-1pmArchery Form Analysis

Saturday 2-3pmSpeed End Techniques

Saturday 3-4pmUnicorn Archery Challenge

Saturday 4-5pmArchery for Children (6-10)

Saturday 5-6pmArchery for Older Youths and Teens (11-15)

SundayAll Day Fletch-In!

Yeah! Go me.
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[Poll #972385]

I gave this poll to the Captains of Archery in Caid. I'd like to get input from everyone, since it won't be just them taking the classes.

Class descriptions:

Archery Form Analysis - Taught by nationally certified archery instructors, this class will give archers an opportunity to work with a coach looking specifically at their form. This class will teach archers the 12-step form and how to apply it to traditional archery. 3-5 instructors will be available to work with archers 1:1. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Speed End Techniques - This class will teach various techniques used by the fastest archers in the Kingdom for speed ends. Various techniques will be demonstrated and taught. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Archery for Beginners - This will be a 2 hour class (first class Saturday morning) that will go over basic safety as it applies to archery in the SCA. Archers will be taught basic form and the class will conclude with the completion of the safety test and practical authorization.

Archery for Youth and Teens - May occur at the same time as the Beginners class, but with a focus on youth archery. More coaches would be available to help improve skills and form. May end with either youth authorization or Junior Royal Round for score, depending on the skill level, authorization status and wants of the youth attending. May also conclude with a balloon game or other novelty.

Designing a Novelty Shoot - Practical version of the lecture class. This would start with a concept for a game and go through shooting with an idea and developing it into a game that could work at a tournament.

Practical Range Marshalling - For RMITs or RMs who are looking for a brush up. This class would be devoted to skills used while on the range including voice heralding for commands, watching a line of archers, scripts for calling various ends, safety and other concerns. May also go through an authorization example. Attendees could get multiple items from the RMIT Training Checklist signed off by a Senior Marshal.

Unicorn Archery Challenge - Archers would have the opportunity to spend an hour working with the Inter Kingdom Unicorn Archer Challenge. This years challenge is a castle window shoot and begins at 10 yards. Once an archer has achieved 10 arrows (one end) on the target, they move back to 20 yards. Repeat as needed. Scores will be submitted to the Keeper of the Scores for the Challenge.

Other - please post a comment if you have other ideas.

NOTE: We do not have teachers for all of these classes! If you or someone you recommend would like to teach a class (one of those listed above or another class) please let me know! Class proposals are due to me on May 10th for the September Collegium. The class proposal sheet can be downloaded from


Mar. 20th, 2007 05:16 pm
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I got my new bow today! As you know, I've been going to the post office every day in anticipation of receiving my pretty new toy. I even asked a guy at the counter to look for it, called them and have been checking the website every day. Well, the day after I went up to the counter (3/9) it arrived. They didn't put a pickup slip in my PO Box so I didn't know it was there. Today, there was no line and the same guy that helped me last time was there. He remembered it coming in and got it for me. No slip. The website still doesn't show that it's arrived in LA! Damn post office, I could have had a pretty new bow for Robin Hood! I'm working on making a string for it now (and will probably need a bit of a reminder at practice!) and am looking forward to trying it out on Thursday when it's not raining.

And now for something completely different...since a number requested, here are the recipes from Sunday:
Recipes! )

On another irrelevant note, the pothole is a gaping wheel trap again.

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