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So I ended up being able to go to Blizzcon after all. Thanks to a wonderful inside connection, I got to enjoy all the awesome geekness that is Blizzcon.

Went to a number of panels, hung out with my raid group, had a good time.

Highlights of WoW related things:
- The new battlegrounds with siege engines look really freakin' awesome (Strand of the Ancients and the Wintergrasp zone)
- The Wintergrasp zone is using new technology that doesn't allow you to play/gain honor/ability to control siege if you afk or tag along.
- There's a special instance just for the faction that has control of the zone.
- The new arenas actually make me want to try
- The new 5 mans are beautiful, expansive and intimidating. New boss class "Titans" with players only as tall as their toes. New boss models.
- They did revisions on loot tables and not just more loot will drop, but better and fitting to a wider variety of classes.
- Heroic 5-mans will drop better loot than their regular versions (instead of the same as they are now).
- New raids look awesome (5 rooms of aspect dragons, at least one of which drops a mount at the most difficult setting - chosen by the raid group). We're already talking about them.
- Switchable specs! (Probably in the first patch after the x-pac) Allows you to switch between two specs without going to the trainer (so PVE/PVP or Heal/Tank, etc).

Non WoW related Blizzcon things:
- The contests Friday night were silly and Jay Mohr was (apparently) a lot funnier than last year (he didn't get booed of the stage this year).
- The girl who won the costume contest made an animatronic turtle mount that she rode in on!
- L80ETC rocked! Loudly! They debuted a new song about Death Knights.
- "Only at Blizzcon can a metal band be the opening act for a symphony orchestra."
- Video Games Live! performed, wow, they're awesome.
- Nobody remembers who won the /silly contest, but everyone remembers who should have ("What's a woman's favorite class for a man to play? Male Enhancement Shaman!").
- Our groups Dranei looked better than most of the other Dranei in the costume contest, but she refused to enter.
- Two of our people ended up on G4 online on the gyroscope thing. Internet Superstardom.
- We've figured out our dance contest entries for next year. No, not telling. You'll have to be there to find out. But they'll rock. Two group entries from CR Silver Hand-US-A!

The best part of everything:
Raid group at Friday night dinner

Raid group at closing ceremony/concert (we filled 2.75 rows and were missing some!)

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