Jun. 13th, 2008 08:31 am
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I sent these out to most lists...but there's a few not on them, so...

Altavia Anniversary & Investiture

May Potrero

Caid Open Archery

Coronation & Queen's Champion in Wintermist
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Here's pictures from the event. I'll actually write about it later. It was fun, lots happened, it rained, but that didn't stop us.
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I think I got pictures of most of the performers. [ profile] dieppe had my camera during opening court.

There's a's hi-larious. It's Ban-dal's complete performance (both songs).
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Dec. 1st, 2007 06:57 am
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There's a lot...separated by city. Commentary has not yet been added (that will take a while and will take form half here and half on the picture pages, stories here, short comments there).


If you want any full sized, let me know. There are some great wallpaper shots.

Oh, [ profile] mindymoon, the last emotion icon (exhausted) was the top of one of the characters heads on a table. :)
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Link to Gallery

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I put up the survey for Collegium Caidis. If you know what that is, you can take the survey here.

I also put up my pictures from my DC Trip. I like #'s 95, 102, 121, 127, 144, 216, 234, and 229. Yeah, there are a lot. Sunday had great dramatic clouds which made for easy picture taking. Still working on the Horus story that goes with some of them.
divinite: (stole your soul) from the archery and thrown weapons ranges at Gyldenholt Anniversary. I didn't really see any of the rest of the event... Click the images to see more.
GyldAnn 034
GyldAnn 043
GyldAnn 012
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I haven't done any of the color corrections on these yet, but I wanted to post pictures just so I had something there. I'll get around to editing the pictures and uploading everything all nice next week.

If you'd like one edited and emailed to you, just let me know.

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Some pictures...mostly around our camp, thrown weapons, Sunday night bardic
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There's a ton, most taken by me, closing court pics taken by [ profile] cayswann.



Feb. 4th, 2007 08:57 am
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Yesterday was Festival of the Rose, the biannual celebration of the arts in honor of the Queen. It was a wonderful, relaxed day of performances, art displays and chatting with friends both new and old. There were not many people there from my immediate circle of friends, so I spent the day with people I normally don't get to spend a lot of time with. I chatted with Aoelwigg and Antionette, Allan, Inga, the Cleir and many others along the way. I even got to meet some new people (well, new to me) which was great. I haven't done that in a while.

Inga gave me a mini-crossbow and marshmallow ammo with the directions to "shoot whomever the Queen says." I had a lot of fun attacking Cormac and True as well as many other unsuspecting peoples. The crossbow made the rounds and found itself in the hands of many people eager to shoot friends, family and (in Megan's case) anyone with a hat, basket or other accoutrement that the marshmallow could conceivably fall into to be found later.

True did a great job as MC (even if he did make me wear that huge turban of his for shooting him) and everyone enjoyed both his quips and the performances. There was a good variety of performers: original poems, stories and legends from both near and far, dancing, songs, instrumentals. Additionally there were static arts displays from a number of artisans. At the end of the day, Lady Catherine (I think, there's more to it, a good Elizabethan name) won people's choice for the performance competition and THL Njall won for the static display for his knifes. Njall was a made an official herald of some sorts ([ profile] scottishdm would know exactly what it was and what it means). Njall [ profile] hagerson and Allesaundra are moving to Meridies (eastern Tennessee) in March, so this was one of their last events here. They will be missed.

I think I managed to get at least one picture of every performer there.

As usual, if anyone wants a honking big file of a particular picture, comment with your email address and which picture number you would like and I'll send it to you. They're about 2MB each and will print a very nice 8x10.
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As usual, Winter Weekend was totally awesome. I accomplished nothing, but had a great time doing so!

I'm having programming issues with right now, so I posted some pics on an alternate site until I figure out the damn PHP error I'm getting. Quick note on that one, I needed extra security, so I'm trying to adapt a script that will only allow includes from sites I specify, but it's not working correctly yet! I need to take my boss up on the offer to have them pay for a php class.

So anyway, pictures:

Most are Rated G, but there's at least one middle finger and a bear either humping or climbing a pine cone, depending on how twisted your mind is. Sorry Eddie, no naked people.

More on the actual weekend later when I figure out what I can write.

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