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GWW Recap

Oct. 9th, 2007 07:33 pm
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Got back from GWW yesterday afternoon. It was a great weekend with lots of fond memories.


Beautiful site with a large lake out in the middle of nowhere with almost no sign of modern life
The point on the jetty walking back from the range where you can look out on the lake and see only a Viking encampment (see pic below)
A long archery range that allowed us to do a couple night shoots which were awesome!
Watching "flaming" arrows made with glowsticks fly through the air
Finishing the Grandmasters Tourney at 2:55pm on Saturday
Seeing a new threat on the archery circuit emerge
Announcing the winners of the shoots at court on Saturday and finally presenting the bow long promised to [livejournal.com profile] jillaw from the Academy of Archers
A great camp filled with old friends and new
Lots of grass, clear skies with infinite stars and a view of the milky way
Auggie's vigil
The yummy meals planned by our camp parents (OMG salomn cakes and chicken dumplings!)
Skippy's banana apology
Bunny of Seville duet
Crouching Deja Hidden Tigger
Lyondemere shadow puppets, complete with soundtrack
The Lyondemere "L" in the veggies on Sunday
Bonding with LaLa, shopping with Morghan, and spending time with a others I haven't spent a lot of before
Pornographic fire
Deja's apprenticing ceremony
The atmosphere, laughter and joy of 32 people sharing a meal cramped in the baronial pavilion Saturday night
The "Lyondeblob" of the barony and two households on each side
Satanic lunches, chicken in a biskit, and bacon frosting (they go together, [livejournal.com profile] jpathomas!)

Not so Good
Having to hold the cord or knob in the shower truck to get the water to run
The merchant layout was a bit funny with some pointed outwards and no good view of merchants from the Great Western Road (the grass one)
Not a lot of signs around to mark the road ways
Since the archery range was so far from everything it took forever to get things (waterbearing delivered two 5 gallon jugs marked Gatorade and water, both were water, we never did get the Gatorade)

The site:

I'm glad GWW is back. I missed it a lot last year. Although there were less people there this year, it was a wonderful war and I hope it continues to grow.

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