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I put up the survey for Collegium Caidis. If you know what that is, you can take the survey here.

I also put up my pictures from my DC Trip. I like #'s 95, 102, 121, 127, 144, 216, 234, and 229. Yeah, there are a lot. Sunday had great dramatic clouds which made for easy picture taking. Still working on the Horus story that goes with some of them.
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Are you? My schedule is in...a day early...and many wonderful classes! On the schedule...

Saturday 9-11amBeginning & Intermediate ArcheryPractical Range Marshalling
Saturday 11-1pmArchery Form Analysis

Saturday 2-3pmSpeed End Techniques

Saturday 3-4pmUnicorn Archery Challenge

Saturday 4-5pmArchery for Children (6-10)

Saturday 5-6pmArchery for Older Youths and Teens (11-15)

SundayAll Day Fletch-In!

Yeah! Go me.
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[Poll #972385]

I gave this poll to the Captains of Archery in Caid. I'd like to get input from everyone, since it won't be just them taking the classes.

Class descriptions:

Archery Form Analysis - Taught by nationally certified archery instructors, this class will give archers an opportunity to work with a coach looking specifically at their form. This class will teach archers the 12-step form and how to apply it to traditional archery. 3-5 instructors will be available to work with archers 1:1. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Speed End Techniques - This class will teach various techniques used by the fastest archers in the Kingdom for speed ends. Various techniques will be demonstrated and taught. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Archery for Beginners - This will be a 2 hour class (first class Saturday morning) that will go over basic safety as it applies to archery in the SCA. Archers will be taught basic form and the class will conclude with the completion of the safety test and practical authorization.

Archery for Youth and Teens - May occur at the same time as the Beginners class, but with a focus on youth archery. More coaches would be available to help improve skills and form. May end with either youth authorization or Junior Royal Round for score, depending on the skill level, authorization status and wants of the youth attending. May also conclude with a balloon game or other novelty.

Designing a Novelty Shoot - Practical version of the lecture class. This would start with a concept for a game and go through shooting with an idea and developing it into a game that could work at a tournament.

Practical Range Marshalling - For RMITs or RMs who are looking for a brush up. This class would be devoted to skills used while on the range including voice heralding for commands, watching a line of archers, scripts for calling various ends, safety and other concerns. May also go through an authorization example. Attendees could get multiple items from the RMIT Training Checklist signed off by a Senior Marshal.

Unicorn Archery Challenge - Archers would have the opportunity to spend an hour working with the Inter Kingdom Unicorn Archer Challenge. This years challenge is a castle window shoot and begins at 10 yards. Once an archer has achieved 10 arrows (one end) on the target, they move back to 20 yards. Repeat as needed. Scores will be submitted to the Keeper of the Scores for the Challenge.

Other - please post a comment if you have other ideas.

NOTE: We do not have teachers for all of these classes! If you or someone you recommend would like to teach a class (one of those listed above or another class) please let me know! Class proposals are due to me on May 10th for the September Collegium. The class proposal sheet can be downloaded from www.collegiumcaidis.org.

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