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Here's pictures from the event. I'll actually write about it later. It was fun, lots happened, it rained, but that didn't stop us.
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GWW Recap

Oct. 9th, 2007 07:33 pm
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Got back from GWW yesterday afternoon. It was a great weekend with lots of fond memories.


Beautiful site with a large lake out in the middle of nowhere with almost no sign of modern life
The point on the jetty walking back from the range where you can look out on the lake and see only a Viking encampment (see pic below)
A long archery range that allowed us to do a couple night shoots which were awesome!
Watching "flaming" arrows made with glowsticks fly through the air
Finishing the Grandmasters Tourney at 2:55pm on Saturday
Seeing a new threat on the archery circuit emerge
Announcing the winners of the shoots at court on Saturday and finally presenting the bow long promised to [livejournal.com profile] jillaw from the Academy of Archers
A great camp filled with old friends and new
Lots of grass, clear skies with infinite stars and a view of the milky way
Auggie's vigil
The yummy meals planned by our camp parents (OMG salomn cakes and chicken dumplings!)
Skippy's banana apology
Bunny of Seville duet
Crouching Deja Hidden Tigger
Lyondemere shadow puppets, complete with soundtrack
The Lyondemere "L" in the veggies on Sunday
Bonding with LaLa, shopping with Morghan, and spending time with a others I haven't spent a lot of before
Pornographic fire
Deja's apprenticing ceremony
The atmosphere, laughter and joy of 32 people sharing a meal cramped in the baronial pavilion Saturday night
The "Lyondeblob" of the barony and two households on each side
Satanic lunches, chicken in a biskit, and bacon frosting (they go together, [livejournal.com profile] jpathomas!)

Not so Good
Having to hold the cord or knob in the shower truck to get the water to run
The merchant layout was a bit funny with some pointed outwards and no good view of merchants from the Great Western Road (the grass one)
Not a lot of signs around to mark the road ways
Since the archery range was so far from everything it took forever to get things (waterbearing delivered two 5 gallon jugs marked Gatorade and water, both were water, we never did get the Gatorade)

The site:

I'm glad GWW is back. I missed it a lot last year. Although there were less people there this year, it was a wonderful war and I hope it continues to grow.
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Another great archer's bbq (despite the fact that I felt crummy)! What it's all about...squirrels with Pringles, archers, Mongolian wrestlers, fireworks. Somehow, it works. The group at the picnic tables this year were actually pretty decent. They had a much better sound system than years past and they played a good variety of music that was family friendly and fun.

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Well...pictures from the archery and thrown weapons ranges at Gyldenholt Anniversary. I didn't really see any of the rest of the event... Click the images to see more.
GyldAnn 034
GyldAnn 043
GyldAnn 012
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Are you? My schedule is in...a day early...and many wonderful classes! On the schedule...

Saturday 9-11amBeginning & Intermediate ArcheryPractical Range Marshalling
Saturday 11-1pmArchery Form Analysis

Saturday 2-3pmSpeed End Techniques

Saturday 3-4pmUnicorn Archery Challenge

Saturday 4-5pmArchery for Children (6-10)

Saturday 5-6pmArchery for Older Youths and Teens (11-15)

SundayAll Day Fletch-In!

Yeah! Go me.
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[Poll #972385]

I gave this poll to the Captains of Archery in Caid. I'd like to get input from everyone, since it won't be just them taking the classes.

Class descriptions:

Archery Form Analysis - Taught by nationally certified archery instructors, this class will give archers an opportunity to work with a coach looking specifically at their form. This class will teach archers the 12-step form and how to apply it to traditional archery. 3-5 instructors will be available to work with archers 1:1. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Speed End Techniques - This class will teach various techniques used by the fastest archers in the Kingdom for speed ends. Various techniques will be demonstrated and taught. Must be an authorized archer to attend.

Archery for Beginners - This will be a 2 hour class (first class Saturday morning) that will go over basic safety as it applies to archery in the SCA. Archers will be taught basic form and the class will conclude with the completion of the safety test and practical authorization.

Archery for Youth and Teens - May occur at the same time as the Beginners class, but with a focus on youth archery. More coaches would be available to help improve skills and form. May end with either youth authorization or Junior Royal Round for score, depending on the skill level, authorization status and wants of the youth attending. May also conclude with a balloon game or other novelty.

Designing a Novelty Shoot - Practical version of the lecture class. This would start with a concept for a game and go through shooting with an idea and developing it into a game that could work at a tournament.

Practical Range Marshalling - For RMITs or RMs who are looking for a brush up. This class would be devoted to skills used while on the range including voice heralding for commands, watching a line of archers, scripts for calling various ends, safety and other concerns. May also go through an authorization example. Attendees could get multiple items from the RMIT Training Checklist signed off by a Senior Marshal.

Unicorn Archery Challenge - Archers would have the opportunity to spend an hour working with the Inter Kingdom Unicorn Archer Challenge. This years challenge is a castle window shoot and begins at 10 yards. Once an archer has achieved 10 arrows (one end) on the target, they move back to 20 yards. Repeat as needed. Scores will be submitted to the Keeper of the Scores for the Challenge.

Other - please post a comment if you have other ideas.

NOTE: We do not have teachers for all of these classes! If you or someone you recommend would like to teach a class (one of those listed above or another class) please let me know! Class proposals are due to me on May 10th for the September Collegium. The class proposal sheet can be downloaded from www.collegiumcaidis.org.

New Bow

Mar. 23rd, 2007 06:11 pm
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I finally got to shoot my new bow last night. Philip helped me finish the string for it and by around 7:30, I was shooting my beautiful 30# Black Widow 69" recurve. It's really sexy. I was shooting pretty well, but it will take some getting used to. It's a lot heavier and longer than any of the other bows I own, so holding the weight in my bow arm is a change. I have to constantly remind myself not to put a death grip on the bow, as I'm prone to do. I know, it's a bad habit, but I've got a few others that I'm trying to correct first. It's got an easy pull and a nice cast. It's "zippy" is a good way of putting it. I'm shooting about even with the target at 30 yards and a bit low at 20 for my aim point. The 28# Chiron I was borrowing was above the target at 30 and about even at 20.

As all new things that come near the archery range are prone to "initiation," my bow as no different. I came back after an end and Philip had picked up my bow to shoot it. I was expecting that to happen throughout the night, it's a new toy, after all. Next end, the bows been moved from the bow rack to one of the wall pegs. Then another wall peg on the other side, then the one at 25 meters, wrapped around the bow rack, hanging from a hook at the back of the range, twisted strings (Philip unstrung his) with Philip's bow. Every once in a while I would get a "paranoia end" upon which the bow would remain where it is supposed to. Finally, we did a few speed ends. I came back to the line after the first one that Philip timed and the bow was still there. I looked away for just a second and when I looked back, it was gone. [livejournal.com profile] dieppe had taken it! His timing was perfect. It provided much amusement throughout the course of the night. I figured that at least Philip, Marion, Esmeralda and Bob were in on it. Turns out that everyone was in on it at least one end. Andreu said he didn't get to play along, but not for lack of trying! At the end of it all, Philip and Marion were the instigators. No surprise. :) Now to try it on Pag at the next tournament...

Now I've got my new toy, it's been initiated, and hopefully it will be left alone now!

Next up, starting an official practice at the south end of the barony once a month. I would like to see a lot of the Noe College kids come out. I think we could have a good group from there, if they're given the opportunity. I decided to start in April, but we'll see what happens.


Mar. 20th, 2007 05:16 pm
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I got my new bow today! As you know, I've been going to the post office every day in anticipation of receiving my pretty new toy. I even asked a guy at the counter to look for it, called them and have been checking the website every day. Well, the day after I went up to the counter (3/9) it arrived. They didn't put a pickup slip in my PO Box so I didn't know it was there. Today, there was no line and the same guy that helped me last time was there. He remembered it coming in and got it for me. No slip. The website still doesn't show that it's arrived in LA! Damn post office, I could have had a pretty new bow for Robin Hood! I'm working on making a string for it now (and will probably need a bit of a reminder at practice!) and am looking forward to trying it out on Thursday when it's not raining.

And now for something completely different...since a number requested, here are the recipes from Sunday:
Recipes! )

On another irrelevant note, the pothole is a gaping wheel trap again.
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How evil are you?

In other news, they refilled the pothole yesterday afternoon.

I just finished repairing 7 arrows that were either missing knocks or fletches after Saturday. Wee!
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There's a ton, most taken by me, closing court pics taken by [livejournal.com profile] cayswann.

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was a really good day. Not just because of the event, but lots of other things that went on during the day as well. So I'll start in the morning and go from there.

We did fewer authorizations that before this year, only about 10 this time. This was kind of nice because it's wasn't completely insane trying to authorize 20 new archers. We had a loaner gear shortage, so there was a lot of sharing equipment across the 4 lines going on. Dale did come and open the bin a bit later on and we were able to get a broadhead block and backstop for the hunt shoot.

Although court started a bit late (which was okay because it really only need to be over by a bit before noon), it was speedy and good. I bumbled a bit, but it was okay. We started shoot right about 12:15, which was our pre-planned time. Moving target first, which Robin won. Then the war shoot for the first part of the Baronial Championship, which I won (5 arrows in a 20 second speed end, not bad). Then the tourney shoot seventh arrow which Esmeralda won. Then the Baronial Championship finals (8 of 11 were women - archer chicks rule!), which Marion won. We ended with the Archer's Melee, which got a decent amount of cheering. We were running late by that point, so I sent the Spade boys down to the church and told them to say they're with me. We finished the Melee, which Sir Morven won and got court started less than 10 minutes later.

Marion won the Baronial Championship (awesome!) and Robin won the tournament of the day for the most well rounded archer. I tied Antionette for 3rd in the Baronial Championship (my hunt score sucked ass, but was aided by my win of the first one). Esmeralda came in 2nd for the Tournament Championship. I've got some ideas for how to improve things next year and since we'll have an arts officer who will actually do something it should be good.

Immediately following court, I left to head home and to the revel site (Philip and Marion picked up all of my stuff). Amya came with me and dropped off her stuff (she stayed the night since she had to work today and she works about a block away from my apt). I checked an auction on ebay for a bow I really wanted (a 30lb Black Widow recurve, just beautiful!). I like to wait to the last minute to bid on things, but since it ended at 7:07 pm and I'd be at the revel, I just put a max bid in and signed up for outbid notices to be delivered via SMS. At 7:15 I looked at my phone and saw there was no message, I'd won the auction! I didn't find out until I got home that I got the bow for $50 less than my max bid (woohoo!).

The Spade had part of a keg of Woodchuck cider left over from Estrella which they brought to share with us, which was great. I had picked up a bottle of Fearghus mead when we stopped at home and Cormac (not [livejournal.com profile] scottishdm, the other one) brought some wicked pie. Lots of alcohol, lots of water, and a goodly amount of dancing. The Spade stepped up at the last minute to run the arts competition and the feast when Meala got sick and they did a great job. The food was good (mmm...pumpkin soup) and not too much after a long day, the company was great and we actually made money on a free event (donations). I danced Rufty Tufty and Heartsease with Max, an alemande with Robin and Petit Virens with Frederick and Amya. We were the only three going insane on that one, we switch A's, changed direction and Frederick decided to do a freakishly fast last chorus which had [livejournal.com profile] joeguppy calling us fierce.

Amya and I got home around 10:30 after locking up the hall and shortly after that my idiot roommate came home with a friend of his. He'd been out of town for a week and didn't tell me when he was coming back or that he was bringing a friend. We ended up pulling the twin mattress into my room and Amya slept in here. But the funny part...the roommate's friend "apparently" is one of Mickey Rooney's kids. He said he'd done the voices for Flounder in Disney's Little Mermaid, all the turtles in Finding Nemo, and he'd just wrapped as the Gingerbread man in Shred 3. I don't know if idiot roommate did his homework, but this guys says these things to me and Kim. Disney fans with lots of DVD's and a high speed internet connection that easily brings up IMDB. We both knew that the director for Finding Nemo had done the voices of the turtles from one of the DVD extras. We looked up all the parts and found that they were all different people, none of which was who this guy claimed to be. We had a good little laugh and wondered if my roommate was idiot enough to believe him. Probably yes.

We turned on the TV for a bit and I feel asleep. It's now Sunday and I have to decide in the next 10 minutes if I'm going to Quidditch today. I put myself as a maybe on the calendar since I didn't know how tired I was going to be after the event. I'm leaning towards skipping it today since my legs hurt from running around all day and dancing at night and people are coming over tonight to watch the Oscars and I need to clean a bit. Yep, I'm skipping it. I just can't drive to Fullerton today. Sorry guys, too much yesterday!
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Or something. I'm just about as ready as I'm going to be. 10 minutes till lift off to the event site. See everyone there!


Feb. 15th, 2007 10:23 pm
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It's been 10 days since they filled the pothole. It's not a large gaping chasm yet, but it is a pretty big dip, has been for a few days. Next time it rains it will probably turn into a chasm.

In other news, Arts & Archery is a week from Saturday. I think I've finally got the Baronial Championship refined and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. The current forecast is for beautiful clear weather, I hope it stays that way. This is always such a great event, lots of archers, lots of fun and it's free. This year we're having a revel too, which is awesome. I'm looking forward to relaxing with everyone afterwards.

To do for the weekend: Think about an art project for an arts entry (if I can find something I can do in 3 days, it's all good), go over to Bob's Saturday afternoon and futz with the computer with Philip and probably have lunch, go to church Sunday and finish all the paperwork for the revel site (one and the same), clean and prep for Sunday night's ROME viewing.
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I arrived at the archery range tonight expecting practice as normal. Oh, how disappointed I was soon to become! Robert and Esmeralda were already there, but all that was in the distance was darkness. At first it looked like the light at the back of the range was out, okay, no big deal - we don't shoot from there anyway. Then Bob says no, all the lights on the range are out. He'd already played with the timer box, flipped the circuit breaker and tried the override switch. Still no light.

There had been a film crew from USC out on the range during the day and apparently they messed things up for the rest of us. They had light when they got there, then they didn't. Either they were spiking the power and something broke or the rangers decided to cut their power.

We walked over to the Petanque court to see why they had light and we didn't. Turns out they had a long extension cord and some alternate power source. Lucky them. They were just as pissed at the USC kids as we were. Mariano had come and confirmed the diagnosis of "something we can't fix" (Mariano's an electrician) without access to whatever feeds the power to the range.

Since we didn't have any candles, we decided to go to dinner instead. After much "No Japanese, no Chinese, no Mexican, what the hell DO you want?" we finally decided on Versailles. Mmmm...plantains. So now I'm home. On a normal Thursday I would just be getting served at whatever place we were at. It's kind of nice, I get to go to bed at a decent hour.

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