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I've come to realize that...

1. My ex: was a co-dependent ass
2. I talk: too much or not at all, seems like there's no middle ground
3. I love: being able to relax, spending time with friends, traveling
4. I have: too many things to do and not enough time to do them all (here, here, here!)
5. I've lost: more than I'd like but less than some
6. I hate it when: I procrastinate, oh, wait, that's like...now. Damnit.
7. Marriage: Hopefully, never frivolously.
8. Somewhere, someone is thinking: How did that get in there?
9. I'll always be: honest, loyal and
10. I have a crush on: The Doctor (the character)
11. The last time I truly cried was: the night I came back from Italy (I didn't want to leave my peeps)
12. My cell phone is: a great piece of equipment on which to check google maps and traffic on my way home from work
13. When I wake up in the morning I: want to go back to sleep (weekdays)
14. Before I go to sleep at night I: read a book, then typically fall asleep somewhere in the middle of a sen....
15. Right now I am thinking about: all the things I need to do before Saturday
16. Babies: I like them, in moderation. Undecided on my own.
17. I get on Myspace: About once a month...at most. But just to check if there are any messages.
18. Today I: work
19. Tonight I will: bake cookies for neighbors
20. Tomorrow I will: work, get my car smogged, go to archery (depending on weather)
21. I really want to: flick a wand and have everything done
22. The person I love most is: BP

One of these days I'll write something more than a meme...

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